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Horseshoe Barbell - 1

JOVIVI 8pc 14G Stainless Steel Multi-functional Lip/Nose/Nipple/Eyebrown Captive Hoop Ring Barbell Tragus Cartilage Stud Earrings 3/8" Dia

Horseshoe Barbell - 2

IPINK Piercing Kit 14G-16G Steel Body Piercing Belly Button,Tongue, Eyebrow, Nipple, Lip, Nose, Chi Gauge

Horseshoe Barbell - 3

PAIR Internally Threaded Circular Barbells Horseshoes Pierced Body Jewelry 00g,0g,2g,4g,6g,8g,10g (10g - 1/2")

Horseshoe Barbell - 4

10pcs Nose Septum Horseshoe Circular Barbell 16 Gauge 316l Surgical Steel (Inner Diameter 10mm)

Horseshoe Barbell - 5

PiercingJ 2-6pcs 16G Clear Cubic Zirconia Stainless Steel Horseshoe Hoop Multi-functional Captive Ring for Nose Daith Lip Eyebrow Nipple Ear Cartilage Helix Septum

Horseshoe Barbell - 6

12G, 10G Titanium IP over 316L Surgical Steel Horseshoe Barbells - Sold Individually (10G Black)

Horseshoe Barbell - 7

16pcs 18g Ball Spike Horseshoe Ring Lip Tragus Belly Nipple Eyebrow Ring Circular Barbell (16 Pieces 18 Gauge-3/8"(10mm) 4mm Ball Spike)

Horseshoe Barbell - 8

JOVIVI 8pc 16G Stainless Steel Horseshoe Bar Ball Circular Barbell Ear Stud Helix Tragus Cartilage Earrings 1/4" Dia

Horseshoe Barbell - 9

Vcmart 10pcs 16G Internally Threaded Nose Septum Horseshoe Circular Barbell 16 Gauge Surgical Steel


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